Our History

Providing Commercial-grade Dependable Alarm Systems to businesses and residents for over 40 years.



Our founder, Lawrence Mayer, worked in the alarm industry for 10 years before starting Dependable Alarm Systems. In 1977 he decided that San Diego deserved to have an alarm company that understood family values and would serve the community with honesty, integrity and trust.

Over these many years of doing business, we’ve seen a lot of change.

Large corporations like ADT have offered the lure of a big corporation with discount prices and the seeming security of being “big”. But this approach abandoned the sense of family and familiarity that is so necessary. You have to know and trust the people that are providing your security.

New flashy tech companies like Ring, SimplySafe and Amazon have offered the novelty of self-installed web-enabled systems that seem to make security easy and cheap. But this approach missed the importance of having a professional installation and 24-hour monitoring so that the solution always works. There is no peace of mind in having a self-installed system that you are unsure what to do with when it breaks.

Dependable Alarm Systems has been providing 3 simple things since we started in 1977:

  1. The best American Made products in the industry, because peace of mind starts with quality equipment
  2. An in-house team of professionally factory trained installers because quality equipment installed improperly doesn’t do you any good
  3. In-house 24-hour monitoring because who you count on when an alarm is triggered matters more than anything else.

Lawrence Mayer prided himself on the fact that his family’s reputation was on the line every time he installed a new alarm system. It’s three generations later and we still pride ourselves on that today

Our Family


I started with my father when I was still a teenager. Not only did I learn the ins and outs of the security industry, but I learned from my father’s work ethic.... This was instrumental in my success in our family business. Everyone at Dependable Alarm Systems works with the edict that once a job has begun, you leave it not until it’s done. Be a matter great or small, you do it well or not at all.


I pretty much grew up in Dependable Alarm Systems. As a teenager, I would help out with office work to make extra money.... I now handle all accounting areas of Dependable Alarm Systems. I strive to assure that we are financially strong so that we will be around for many generations to come.


I migrated to the United States from Mexico when I was 5 years old. Since then, I have called Escondido my home. I started in Dependable Alarms Systems... as an alarm dispatcher in 2008. I was promoted to the front office and now I oversee the service department. The Mayer’s have made my family part of their family since day one. My two youngest kids have practically been raised in this office, since I have the liberty to bring them to work with me! Being part of Dependable Alarm Systems has made it possible for me to accomplish having a career while still being a dedicated mom and a wife.


"Born into it". Growing up in a family of security professionals, perhaps it's in the blood. After college and a short stint working in EMS, I returned to the family business...."Born into it". Growing up in a family of security professionals, perhaps it's in the blood. After college and a short stint working in EMS, I returned to the family business.