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What We Offer

Everyone’s security concerns are unique. You may care most about making sure your home is secure while you are away at work. You may care most about being able to sleep at night knowing no one has entered your home. You may care most about something we haven’t thought of before! What you care about matters and it will inspire the design of your security system. Whatever you care most about, we’ll make sure your alarm system brings you peace of mind.


Door and Window Alarms


Motion Detectors


Glass Break Detectors


Smoke / Carbon Monoxide Detectors






Mobile Applications


An important element of any security system is the onsite control equipment. We have partnered with American manufacturers to provide the best equipment available. ...Excellence is required at the time of installation. False alarms are not caused by “bad” equipment. They are caused by bad installations. Our team of factory trained professionals make sure that your alarm system is installed in a way that maintains the esthetic beauty of your home and meets all of your security needs.


Our factory trained technicians will make sure your system is functioning as new. They are punctual, professional, neat, and pleasant. And they smell good too!


We at Dependable Alarm Systems are on duty 24 hours daily, 365 days each year. The well-trained staff at our UL listed dispatch center are always ready to safeguard you... and your family. Each dispatcher is certified by the National Burglar and Fire Association and participates in ongoing training annually.

Your home, safe.